Friday, June 29, 2007

Melissa Catanese's "Jungle"

Ms. Catanese seems like a woman after my own heart, with a love for the visual messiness and confusion of forests and woodlands.

I would love to see these as physical prints. She has other interesting work on her site as well

They also remind me a little of Thomas Struth's Paradise pictures


gravitas et nugalis said...

It seems that Melissa Catanese lives in Pittsburgh, PA. - a place that would be a photographer's dream if their thing is nature's tangles. The number of ravines, gullies and hillsides with massive overgrown tangles within the city limits is simply staggering.

here's an example -

tim atherton said...

Cool Mark.

Actually Edmonton's pretty much like that - it has the largest area of urban greenspace/parkland of any N American city - - about 7,500 hectares, and it's mainly the deep river valley and the various gullies and ravines that run down to it.

I'm just getting started on it.... :-)

Shane Lavalette said...


tim atherton said...

Ha - I'd had her website sitting in my "blog ideas" folder for a while and was looking for an idea for today...

maybe her time has come :)