Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Group Show No. 16 - Humble Arts Foundation

Well, I'm extremely please to announce that I'm part of the current Group Show at the Humble Arts Foundation (who I discovered and discussed last month). They chose the picture above from my current Alleys project

It features the work of Monica, May, Ryan Pfluger, Bryan Lear, Rebecca Steele, Johnny Misheff, Mark Johnson, Mark Wise, Alexia Pike, Dave Anderson, Rachel Dunville, Liz Kuball, David Black, Sean Fader, Nguan, Phil Cooke, Susana Raab, Martina Salbi & Tim Atherton (bios here).

I've got to say, putting mine aside, there's some fantastic stuff in there. Here are a couple of tasters, but go and have a look for yourself

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Anonymous said...

well, I'm glad they chose THAT pic Tim! Humble Arts have a huge range of really good stuff on their site