Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lynn Davis

I suppose it's a good thing that your appreciation and understanding of an artist's work can develop (hopefully in the "mature" direction), but it can be frustrating as well.

A few years ago I bought Lynn Davis book Monuments. And although there was something about it that must have interested me, it never really clicked for me and eventually I sold it on ebay. I recently came across it on the library shelf and took it out. Looking through it now I am thoroughly enjoying it and kicking myself for selling it in the first place. Sometimes I guess we just need to give things time...

In part, in the meantime, I had become fascinated for a while with the work of Francis Frith, Maxime DuCamp and others who photographed in Egypt, Palestine and the Middle East in the 19th Century, and so what she was doing in some of her work started to make a lot more sense

I haven't looked at her more recent book American Monument yet, either. It does include pictures of the Salk Institute - one building in America that I would love to photograph (Louis Kahn is surely the greatest American architect of the 20th Century)

Unfortunately I couldn't find many of the monuments pictures online, especially those from Egypt, Jordan and the Yemen. There's also a bit of info here on her shows Iceberg and Ancient Persia

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Stan B. said...

I still remember when my teenage eyes first viewed that incredible HCB photo with the children playing in the foreground as the stout man walks by. What a mess, you can't even make out what the subject is!!!

Pre-Flikr commentary at its best...