Monday, June 18, 2007

Peter Fraser's Two Blue Buckets etc

Peter Fraser's Two Blue Buckets and more... Fraser seems to have been getting some much deserved wider press recently (and here among others).

For me, he is definitely one of those artists whose work fits into the third of W.H. Auden's Five Verdicts: "I see that this is good and I don't like it but I understand that with perseverance I could come to like it" - although "don't like it" is a bit too strong (I need a verdict 5a) - more "I quite like it, but I don't really like it...".

Because I can certainly see what Fraser is doing and a some of probably why he is doing it. A lot of what he seems concerned with and how he sees echoes with many things in my own work and my approach to it.

"Fraser's color pictures, whether depicting a pair of banal blue buckets or the most technologically advanced X-ray beam splitter stall time, let things just be for a moment, in all the wonder of their thingness."
Johanna Burton

"Everything visible in the world can potentially be seen, but noticing it, giving it due attention, that is quite a
different matter.

In photography of serious ambition, the photographer’s subject is almost never simply the subject matter.

Working around the object…Looking to go beyond the object…

Making allusive photographs…Work that is less immediately willing to give up its secrets…"
Gerry Badger (quoted by Chris Patterson)

Fraser has new book published by Nazraeli Press which certainly looks appealing

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John Winter said...

Hi Tim,
Read your piece on Peter Fraser, and totally agree with yours comments. I have recently been looking at his new book, which is very attractive. I was wondering if you had heard of a photographic artist Bernard Oglesby, he has a book out called Italian Journeys which is fascinating. Do you know anything about him as I am trying to find out more.