Friday, June 08, 2007

World's oldest darkroom: Update

I just saw that the Niépce House Museum has posted some information on the Joseph Fortuné Petiot-Groffier darkroom.

It's bilingual English and French (scroll down for the Anglais).

This lab is the oldest existing we know of at present (thanks to the receipts, the chemicals can be dated back as far as 1840-41)...

In Petiot-Groffier’s lab, we are able to rediscover all the chemical products and utensils used in the darkroom to prepare the photographic plates and to develop the images taken: 450 flasks, 500 books, ancient large format cameras, accessories (to take, prepare and develop the images), empty plates, as well as negatifs and prints by Petiot-Groffier himself. An exceptional ensemble which allows us for the first time ever to enter a darkroom of one of history’s first photographers... more

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