Friday, June 01, 2007

Magenta Magazine

Well, this is a fine looking Canadian photography magazine - Magenta. Trouble is, so far it only seems to have been distributed in Toronto. Not only are nearly all the best Canadian photographers from the West... but it also tends to confirm our opinions of the poor misguided Torontocentric universe. Hint hint, the world doesn't end at the 401 - neither does Canada.

Either way, it certainly looks like it would be nice to see a copy if it ever makes it beyond Sault Ste Marie. For now all we get is teaser PDF's of a couple of pages. It does look like it has the potential to be a little more grounded than Prefix though, while remaining interesting and creatively stimulating.


Anonymous said...

I saw Magenta mentioned the other day on Heading East and managed to track down a copy this morning. It's a nice magazine editorially with smart photographer selections and well written articles. But it is a bit thin and not as beautifully printed as some other photography magazines...

There's a world past 401? Really? I thought it was all beaver and bear.

mike said...

check out this issue of "foam" from the netherlands