Monday, June 25, 2007

Atget at the BnF

La Bibliothèque nationale de France currently has a rather good online exhibit about the work of Eugene Atget (as far as I can tell, only in French?). It seems pretty easy just to click around on it and enlarge various images, which are collected together in different themes Le vieux Paris, parcs et jardins, zone et banlieue etc as well as section on the Albums, Atget himself, some you can zoom right in on and so on.

There are certainly lots and lots of pictures on here to enjoy (almost every image on any page can be clicked on and enlarged)

The actual physical exhibition itself is only on until July 1st - so if you are lucky enough to be in Paris, hurry along there before it closes.

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drew said...

my wife's in paris this week, actually pouring over medieval manuscripts at the BN. i'll let her know that if and when she needs a break, she can go play bernice abbott to atget's wonderous prints. thanks.