Monday, June 25, 2007

Looking-Glass Editions - Print #2 - affordable art

So, the people have spoken (sorry Mel).

I've selected the second print for my
Affordable Art Editions. It's from - Traces: Alleyways and Spandrels my current "work in progress" and the picture is "Alleyway #5 - 83rd Street"

(Click on the picture for a larger view)

"The alleyways of the city and suburbs provide a sort of unnoticed network of alternative routes and pathways. They are usually ignored and unnoticed, often uninhabited, especially during the day. I look for traces of things - of people, of memories – clues. I often find myself led from one thing to another, often like following evidence. I photograph to make sense of things around me, to try and understand what I see - these traces, these clues give rise to more questions, and to looking more closely."

I recently started to send some of this work out to some trusted colleagues and curators and I am already getting very positive feedback from them - probably more so than any of my work to date, the the project as a whole is still pretty raw right now.

This picture is the second of the Looking-Glass Edition affordable prints and is available for only US$25.00 until the edition of 100 is all sold out - print is 7 1/2"x9 1/2". The first print is already selling rather better than I expected...

BTW - if you actually frame this - as opposed to sticking it on the fridge with a magnet - it looks really good with an over-sized matte.

Simply click on the link below to buy - 25.00 + 9.50 shipping to wherever you are.(If you are in Canada, email me at the link in the sidebar, as shipping is a bit cheaper. I will also take USPS International Money Orders - again, email for details.)

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drew said...

the contact link won't work for me, b/c it routes right to a mail account, which of course i never bothered to establish. i would be interested in purchasing a print of "Alleyway #5 - 83rd Street" and wondered if perhaps you hadn't already put the earlier print in the mail. anyway, if you get a chance, please drop me a line. and erase this, if you don't mind. thanks, drew